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Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

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Whether you’re relocating permanently or spending time in a new city for a long-term work project; relocating can be stressful. Staying in a temporary apartment can help ease the pain and allow you to settle in more quickly.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your temporary housing.

  • Furnished is the Way to Go: Staying in an already furnished apartment can significantly cut down on your stress. Furnished accommodations leave you time to get to know the city and decide where you want to live after your temporary housing stay is over. 
  • Less is More: There is a good chance your temporary home will be significantly smaller than your permanent home. Resist the urge to bring too many personal belongings. Bring what you need – i.e. clothes, toiletries, etc. – and special items that remind you of home, friends, and family. Remember your furnished apartment will provide the essentials like housewares, linens, and furniture. 
  • Live out of the Closet, not a Suitcase: Whether you’re going to be in your temporary home to a month or six-months, making your space feel homey, and comfortable, should be a priority. Unpacking your suitcases will make your apartment feel less temporary and more like your own. If you are planning on bringing your furry friend with you, bringing their favorite toy or pillow can make them feel at home too.
  • Make a Plan for Food: Temporary apartments have well stocked kitchen. Be sure to bring along your favorite spices, that Insta-Pot or Crockpot you can’t live without, and the special items to provide the comfort you crave. Having a plan for how you’re handling food and cooking can save you money and reduce your relocation costs, keep you eating healthy, and allow you to focus on getting settled in your new city.