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Meet The Team: Pam Warren

The Faces Behind Magic: 

It is a pleasure to introduce the outstanding team members that compose the essence of Switchplace

Meet The Team: Sarah Shields

The Faces Behind Magic: 

As we revamp our social presence, we would like to feature the outstanding...

Service: The Cornerstone

As with many areas in our lives, customer service is the cornerstone of how we expect to experience...

Liability and Safety Issues: Airbnb’s Past and Possible Future

Liability and Safety Issues: Airbnb’s Past and Possible Future

Airbnb and Corporate Housing

What HR Managers & Travel Managers Need to Know

Home sharing sites such as Airbnb, HomeAway,...

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The final piece of the Internship Best Practices Puzzle: Teamwork. Internship Programs are not a...

Clear Communication: Makes all the Difference

Communication: the sometimes dreaded “C” word. When it’s done poorly, it makes everyone’s life...

Real Work for the Real World

The goal of every internship program is to develop and cultivate a pipeline of fully vetted,...

Internship Best Practices

TIME Magazine recently published an article that, in summary, stated “internships are the next...

Hurricane Preparedness: Hurricane Florence

To all Switchplace Residents in the path of Hurricane Florence: