North American Domestic Services

Temporary accommodations covered anywhere in North America.

At Switchplace, we have all North American, domestic temporary housing needs covered.   We can locate the perfect apartment in major metropolitan cities where your team needs to be.  We can provide options in downtown Toronto or Dallas.  Near the bay in San Francisco or oceanfront in Boston.


We are proud to offer a variety of temporary housing solutions in these locations and through North America.  We specialize in locating the perfect apartment in your preferred neighborhood, whether that be in a central business district, the preferred school district or near the best nightlife.  Large and small cities, remote locations and the most desirable suburbs.


We utilize a vetted network of properties and partners, to place your employees where they want to be.  We don’t own buildings we need to fill, so we specialize in your needs, not ours.


We have earned our success in this industry by customizing programs for our clients and providing the best location for each guest.

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