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Welcoming Employees the Right Way With Temporary Housing

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When you book corporate housing, the guest experience sends a message. The place you choose isn’t simply a place people stay between working hours, it will be a home base for their life — a place for employees to unwind, rest, decompress and recharge for the next work day.

Basically, if someone is going to stay in any one place for a month or more, it really shows that they are supported if they are taken care of from a housing standpoint. They’ve gotta love it. Like really love it. 

Unlike a hotel, where people remain confined in a sad and cramped space, dedicated corporate housing actually gives employees a place to live and truly call home. The little things so often taken for granted — things like watching TV in the living room, working at a desk, eating in a true dining space and cooking one’s own meals — go a long way.

A guest’s stay in their new temporary housing should be a welcome one, which can even include customizations unique to the company booking the housing.

No Need to Sweat About Utilities

Just like home, guests can expect full access to all essential utilities including cable and high-speed internet right from the get-go. From the beginning, a guest’s corporate housing experience is a plug-and-play experience.

After all, more often than not, employees will do at least some work at home throughout a given week. When that happens, having internet uptime is important, but so is quality internet.

Worst-case scenario, if something goes wrong, a team of dedicated utility specialists will take care of everything on an employee’s behalf. Internet or cable goes out? A guest doesn’t have to lift a finger (except to notify the corporate housing partner.)

New Furniture, Fresh Linens and Towels

When we say “fresh linens and towels,” we don’t just mean washed and reused, we mean new. Same with furniture, which won’t be recycled from person to person every night, but rented in lightly-used or new condition.

Frankly, wear and tear is unattractive. Finding a stale Cheeto under a couch cushion isn’t that reassuring in its own right. Guests deserve better than that, so they get it.

We believe in the philosophy that a clean apartment, including clean linens and furniture, helps maintain a guest’s peace of mind, if only subconsciously. We’re also not the only ones that think a clean space can actually affect a guest’s mood in a positive way.

Stress-Free Commutes

Obviously, amenities aren’t the only thing worth heavy consideration. There’s another factor in the mix:

Location. Location. Location.

Long commutes are costly, and they take a toll. Corporate housing will take the work commute into consideration to remove the burden of stress while also accomplishing other, softer goals — things like living in an excellent school district for families or being in the middle of the action in a city.

Insert [Your Company Special Touch] Here

Want to include a special amenity you think your guests will appreciate or add some branded signage to boost company morale? This is all possible through a corporate housing partner.

This could be something as niche as a rice cooker or as company-specific as branded swag like shirts, hats or calendars.

Small gestures like these aren’t only nice perks for employees, they can help build culture and appreciation for the company, too.

Full Inspection Before Arrival

Corporate housing units are thoroughly inspected just before guests arrive to ensure everything is in pristine condition and all company requests are properly met. Both client and employee satisfaction are paramount, especially if someone is living on an extended stay of a month or more.

Employees deserve a warm welcome. This is the guarantee.