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Corporate Housing: Who Benefits?

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Temporary housing and corporate housing are often used interchangeably. They are both defined as “A fully furnished apartment available to rent on a temporary basis, primarily 30 days or more.” Many businesses work with corporate housing professionals to find possible locations, manage the leasing process, and handling all the day-to-day maintenance issues that may arise.

There is no doubt that corporate housing professionals provide an invaluable service to business needing to move their employees to another location for projects or relocation. But what other value does the corporate housing industry provide and to whom? Two major groups that receive benefits from the corporate housing are Human Resource/Mobility professionals, and Guests.

Human Resources/Mobility Professionals:

HR/Mobility Professionals are busy, with a wide range of responsibilities, and have a variety of needs that must be met when searching for temporary housing for their employees. Of course, they have to consider budget, proximity to the project, as well as ensuring that their employee is satisfied throughout the process. Temporary housing allow employees to feel much more at home because they are larger than a standard hotel room. This is especially important when the employee is going to on an assignment for several months or they bring their family


Employees are probably the greatest benefactors of corporate housing! Serviced apartments take a huge burden off the shoulders of employees, making it one less thing to worry about while they are trying to focus on their assignment. In addition, guests often benefit from full kitchens, on site laundry & amenities, and so much more, all while living like a local. Many locations allow guests to bring their pets!

For businesses who often send their employees on extended trips, corporate housing can clearly provide significant benefits.