As with any structure, a business must be built on a solid foundation. Switchplace is built on the strongest material around: our people.

Our people make up the core of who we are and what we do. It’s in how we treat our partners, vendors, clients and colleagues. It’s in how we build our teams with passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable people. It’s in how our leadership supports the business with their knowledge and resources rather than simply managing it. These expectations, key principles and core values represent our recipe for long-term success, define who we are and what we stand for, and ultimately, guide what we will become in the future.


Our Three-Prong Approach
Three key components separate us from other corporate housing companies.

The Switchplace Foundation

We approach team building and development in a unique way, filling our staff with knowledgeable, passionate people who strive for the best, supporting them with training and recognition. “Good enough” doesn’t cut it at Switchplace

We focus on accuracy and efficiency. We believe that fast is better than slow, and we constantly adapt our processes to make them more efficient. We embrace change when necessary, and do not fear questioning the status quo.

We believe in creating meaningful relationships with our clients and guests through consistent communication, a charitable spirit, honesty, swift and patient conflict resolution, and pride in doing the right thing.


Our Leadership Principles

We expect only the best from those who lead us. Our leaders do not simply delegate; they participate to the fullest extent they are able. They lead by example and constantly strive to bring Switchplace to new heights, facilitating creative approaches to build and motivate the Switchplace team.


Our Client Care Code (C3)

We continuously work to improve and define how we positively impact the happiness of our clients, the excellence of our process and the quality of our service delivery. The following statements are what separate Switchplace from the competition; they represent the actions, communications and processes that we believe engender loyalty and create positive, memorable impressions for our clients.


Our process is dependable, repeatable and understandable to our clients.
We convey a sense of certainty, confidence and familiarity with our clients at all times.


  • We deliver adaptable, customized and client-specific housing solutions. We will try to accommodate the needs and wants of every client and guest.
  • We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients at every opportunity through listening and responding professionally, appropriately and with the utmost understanding.
  • We focus on solutions, not blame. We “own” any problems related to the services we provide, no matter who is at fault or where the issue originated. We strive to keep things positive and constructive, always.
  • We analyze each new client through a comprehensive due diligence process to identify their unique needs, culture and business preferences, striving continuously to improve our understanding of those needs as well as providing reliable data and suggestions about how we might adapt our services to better accommodate them.
  • We value flexibility and innovation, allowing us to grow and develop alongside our clients and creating symbiotic relationships.
  • We seek to be an invaluable resource for our clients. We desire their success, and strive to make their jobs easier.
  • We believe any challenges and issues that arise with our clients are the best opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to service and caring. We show this through our passion, sense of urgency, thoroughness, diligence and communication.
  • We set clear expectations for our clients and residents, and make sure to follow up with them in a thorough, consistent, thoughtful manner complete with a warm, personal touch.